Young people and students

To know Jesus and make him known

COVID UPDATE:  The following groups are not able to meet in the church building currently.

For the latest information on what’s happening online, follow the contact details below.

The Gathering Service

The first Sunday of every month from 6:30pm

The Gathering is our service that is shaped and led by the young people of Emmanuel Church. Every month we have young people plan the service and they are also involved in every aspect of the service from tech to preaching. The service has a contemporary feel and welcomes people of all ages. If you arrive from 6pm, you will be welcomed with tea and cake! 

Following the service we have a group called Begin which is open to all young people who regularly attend the service. This group encourages the young people to support each other in their own faith development. It also includes snacks and hot chocolate!  

Youth Club

Every Thursday evening during term times

Youth club is our awesome group that is open to all young people on Thursday evenings.

New Timings! Year 7’s will now attend 5:30-6:45, Year 8+9’s 6:45-8:00 and Year 10-13 8:00-9:30. The group offers football, consoles, baking, table tennis, table football, pool and so much more. The aim to to provide a safe and welcoming space for everyone to build relationships and have fun! If you are interested please do come along one week and try it out. Entry costs 50p and we also offer a tuck shop with drinks and snacks available to buy. For more information do contact our Youth Worker Sarah Morton.


Years 6 to 9 on Sunday mornings
Pathfinders is a great group of young people who come along to explore the bible, discuss real life issues, play games and worship together. We learn more about God through discussion, activities and prayer. We aim to include everyone so try to offer a variety of activities and styles of worship. We meet in room 8. 


Communities are our youth small groups. These meet every other week at different venues. There is a year 7+8 group, a year 9+10 boys group and a year 10+11 girls group. Each group has a different style but all of them involve sharing time, games, snacks and a chance to explore either a bible passage or an issue relevant to our lives today. Each group helped shape their own style and content. If you are interested in joining one then do get in contact with our youth workers.


Hello, our names are James and Zoe and we head up the student team at Emmanuel! 

University is an exciting time, full of changes, challenges and many opportunities. Here at Emmanuel, we want to share this unique time with you, giving you a church family to support you along the way.

We have a range of services from morning family worship to a smaller, more contemporary evening gathering. Check out our services page for more information! At Emmanuel, we believe that meeting in small groups is a fantastic way to get to know Christ better. During the week, we run an 18-25s small group. This group is the perfect place to get to know each other, grow in our understanding of the Bible and find out more about the Christian faith.

Keep an eye out for other student events happening throughout the year!

We would love to meet you! Do look out for us and come and say hello on a Sunday, or drop us a message.