The Bible reading for this week is the account of Jesus turning water into wine at a wedding feast in Cana in Galilee.  Like all of John’s Gospel this story contains layers of meaning.  On the surface we come across Jesus as a man who was both keen to enable people to enjoy themselves, and also to do what his mother asked, so that she, and everyone else, would not be let down.  However, there are also deeper meanings contained in this passage.  John, writing almost 70 years after the event, probably as an eye-witness, was able to reflect on its spiritual significance.  Notice there were six stone water-pots.  To the Jew, seven was the perfect number and six represented imperfection and incompleteness.  It was Jesus who took this imperfection and through grace transformed it into perfection – wine for the body, heart and soul.  But there is more!  Have you ever thought of the amount of wine Jesus created?  Six stone water-pots each containing up to thirty gallons; this represents a total of 180 gallons of wine.  No wedding feast is ever going to need that much wine.  What Jesus brings is an abundance of grace more than we can ever need.  Yes, this passage shows the importance of family, of home and of a young couple from humble circumstances but it also shows more.  This passage shows us a God who makes things perfect and complete with a glorious super-abundance of provision and grace.