For Euro 2020, happening in 2021, it is difficult to get everyone in the locality watching games together as it was during the 2018 world cup.  In many senses Covid means we have lost community events, but what is community? The modern-day notion of ‘community’ is multi-layered.  We may be members of many ‘communities’: work, friends, family, sport, common interests and others besides.  Some of the members of our communities may be in other countries of the world and connected by the internet.  However, there is another type of community that has not yet been mentioned.  This community is more important than any other.  I am talking, of course, about our Christian community – the fellowship of believers.  In Mark’s Gospel at the end of chapter 3, Jesus makes it abundantly clear that the most important and special community is the one that seeks to do God’s will.  This week, let us especially cherish and thank God for, our brothers and sisters in Christ – the Christian church.  Let us also remember and pray for the persecuted church which is suffering particularly during lockdown.