The Bible passage this week, the week beginning 24th January is the story of the call of James and John to become disciples of Jesus.  The Bible records the fact that these two men ‘left their father and their boat and followed him’.  On the surface, this seems a straightforward event until we reflect on the circumstances.  James and John were fishermen.  That was their life, what they knew and what they did well.  It was also their source of economic stability, status and reputation.  Moreover, in the ancient world, the father in the family was revered.  Often, boys would aspire to be like their father and eventually take over the family business before handing it on, in turn, to their children.  Further, because their father’s name is explicitly mentioned, it is likely that he was both well-known and a highly successful businessperson.  Therefore, in giving up all of this to follow Jesus there would have been an enormous sacrifice for the two brothers James and John.  They were choosing to give up all that they had, were, owned, did and aspired to become.  However, that is what they did!  God is less interested in our own status, profession and income than He is in our faith.  God wants to build, not our wealth and fame but our character and faith.  This is what is of eternal consequence.  What about us?  Will we give up everything to follow Jesus?  Although salvation costs us nothing, discipleship costs us everything. We know, for example, James was one of the first to be martyred.  Will we, like James and John sacrifice everything to follow Jesus?  If we are prepared to do this, let us start today.