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Pentecost Sunday

Is God moving in our nation in our time? The Bible passage this week records the coming of the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost. Two things strike me about this passage from the book of the Acts of the Apostles. Firstly, the Holy Spirit came to the believers when they were together. God not...

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Seventh Sunday of Easter

When we spend a lot of time praying for others, have you ever wondered how other people pray for us?  Have you ever wondered how Jesus prays for us?  Fortunately, the Bible records very clearly one prayer that Jesus prays for all believers.  It is found in this week’s Bible reading...

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Sixth Sunday in Easter

Who is the Holy Spirit?  Many Christians love Jesus (because He died for us), have a deep respect for, and fear of, God (because He is awesome) and a monumental ignorance of the Holy Spirit.  In a famous book, John V Taylor described the Holy Spirit as the ‘Go-between God’.  In the...

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Fifth Sunday in Easter

What is heaven like?  Some Christians are concerned that it might just be one eternal Sunday morning service.  Is this likely?  The Bible says remarkably little about heaven given that it is the ultimate destiny of every believer.  Perhaps the reason is that the reality of...

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Fourth Sunday in Easter

What or who do we listen to? News alerts as well as social media provide us with a range of information about the world we live in.  Indeed, the President of the USA uses twitter to communicate with the world his thoughts without it being filtered by the media beforehand.  The problem...

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Third Sunday in Easter

Who do we love above all others?  For most people the answer to this question might be a husband, a wife, a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a daughter, a son or some other relative or special person.  What about us?  This was the question put to Peter by Jesus beside the Sea...

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