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2nd Sunday in Advent

Do we take care not to offend anyone?  In our workplaces an enormous effort is made to keep the staff happy so that they don’t leave or, worse still, make a complaint against us as they leave.  Interestingly, not offending anyone was not John the Baptist’s way of working.  John the Baptist didn’t...

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Advent Sunday

This Sunday marks the beginning of advent.  Advent is about preparation.  Are we ready for Christmas?  Are we ready to welcome the baby Jesus into our world? Many families in the church have models of Mary and Joseph which move from home to home in this season to remind us to be welcoming and...

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Sunday before Advent

Is there always hope?  Hope even for those who commit the most heinous of crimes?  Hope at the very end of our lives? The Bible passage for this week is the account of the penitent criminal on the cross being crucified with Jesus.  The authorities probably put Jesus in-between two criminals...

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Second Sunday before Advent

The Bible passage assigned to this week may be summarised as “Tidings of Trouble”.  Here Jesus lays out the future.  It is a difficult passage to understand because there are several themes which combine including: the ‘day of the Lord’ (cosmic upheaval), the fall of Jerusalem in AD 70, the second...

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22nd Sunday after Pentecost

Do we make the truth plain to understand?  The Bible passage appointed for this week is the story of the Sadducees’ question to Jesus about the resurrection.  The Sadducees only believed in the first five books of the Bible and did not believe in any form of resurrection as, they felt, it wasn’t...

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21st Sunday after Pentecost

Does knowing Jesus transform our lives?  The Bible reading assigned to this week is the story of Zacchaeus.  Jericho was a very prosperous town where the Romans would have been able to levy a considerable amount of taxes.  Zacchaeus was good at his job of tax collector and so had amassed a...

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