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7th Sunday after Easter – 24th May 2020

What is your life’s destination?  For some people the answer to this question is to live a long and fulfilled life.  For others, it may be to earn lots of money to leave for their children or to leave some other form of legacy of achievement or, more simply perhaps, to leave the world a slightly...

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Ascension Day – Thursday 21st May

What is the significance of Ascension Day?  40 days after Passover and 10 days before Pentecost, is the ascension of Jesus into heaven.  This is only recorded by Luke, who refers to it both at the end of his Gospel and at the start of the book of Acts.  What happened, and why did it need to...

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6th Sunday after Easter

What leaving gift would you give to your friends and family?  For many people they would leave something physical, some item of memorabilia.  For others they would leave them with amusing or poignant stories and happy memories of times spent together.  The Gospel story for this week is an account...

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5th Sunday after Easter

How good does it feel to be chosen?  How good does it feel to be selected to represent your team, your county or even your country at competitive sport?  How good does it feel to be appointed to that job that you have always wanted?  How good does it feel to be promoted within your organisation? ...

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4th Sunday after Easter

Who, or what, should we be like?  In a study group recently, this question was posed.  Someone said we should be like Jesus, after all the word ‘Christian’ means ‘little Christ’.  We should strive to emulate his humility, love and compassion.  Someone else said that we should be ourselves more. ...

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3rd Sunday after Easter

Do you always want a quick answer?  Our society wants instant solutions to our questions, but is this always good?  In the teaching profession there is an oft quoted phrase: ‘learn as if you are going to live forever’.  If a student gets an instant answer to their question from the teacher, then...

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