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by Steve Green

1st Sunday after Epiphany

Are we our biggest critic?  For many of us, we get annoyed with ourselves for getting things wrong.  We may often say to ourselves, “why did I do that?” Or even, “how could I be so stupid?” But is this the way that God looks at us?  In the Bible reading this week, we have the account of Jesus’...

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2nd Sunday after Christmas

What is the central point in our changing lives?  The 20th century is widely regarded as the century which saw the greatest amount of change.  The 21st century may see even greater change.  Change was recognised also in ancient times.  In 560 BC there was a Greek philosopher, Heraclitus, who...

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1st Sunday after Christmas

How obedient are we?  How obedient are we to those in authority over us and how obedient are we to God?  In the New Testament not much is known about Joseph, Mary’s husband.  We know, for instance, that he is not mentioned when his wife Mary gives instructions at the wedding in Cana.  It is...

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4th Sunday in Advent

What does it feel like to be chosen - to be chosen by family, friends, work colleagues or others we respect?  What does it feel like to be chosen by God?  The theme of the Bible reading this week is fundamentally one of being chosen.  God chose humanity, God chose the people of Israel, God chose...

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3rd Sunday in Advent

How spiritually fortunate are we?  In the Bible reading for this week we have Jesus’ words about John the Baptist.  What was the significance of John the Baptist?  Was he more significant than Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel and all the minor prophets?  Crucially, was he more significant than Elijah? ...

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2nd Sunday in Advent

Do we take care not to offend anyone?  In our workplaces an enormous effort is made to keep the staff happy so that they don’t leave or, worse still, make a complaint against us as they leave.  Interestingly, not offending anyone was not John the Baptist’s way of working.  John the Baptist didn’t...

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