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Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday 30th August 2020

What is true discipleship?  In our society today we crave happiness, comfort, and security.  The mark of whether someone has really ‘made it’ in life is measured by how many assets they have and how much health insurance.  This emphasis on happiness and security spills over into church life as we...

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Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday 23rd August 2020

How do we proclaim Jesus?  In the Gospel reading this week there is the account of Peter’s declaration at Caesarea Philippi: “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”  Caesarea Philippi was in Gentile territory and the place where Peter made this declaration was a place filled with Syrian...

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Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost – 16th August 2020

What did Jesus teach about racial equality?  One insight is from the Gospel reading appointed for this week.  It is the story of the faith of a Gentile woman.   Twenty centuries after Jesus made these comments the world is still gripped by racial divide.  We need only consider the recent ‘Black...

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