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Fifth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, 27th June 2021

The Bible reading for this week is the account of Jesus stopping to heal a woman with haemorrhaging whilst he was on his way to attend to Jairus’ daughter.  A twelve year old is dying and yet Jesus stops to talk to a woman who has been bleeding for 12 years.  Why?  Once again, we are struck by the...

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Fourth Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, 20th June 2021

The Bible reading for this week is the familiar story of Jesus calming the storm on the Lake of Galilee.  It is interesting that the words Jesus uses to calm the storm are the same as the words he uses to drive out demons.  With the fall of creation, weather systems were also affected. The fact...

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Third Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, 13th June 2021

For Euro 2020, happening in 2021, it is difficult to get everyone in the locality watching games together as it was during the 2018 world cup.  In many senses Covid means we have lost community events, but what is community? The modern-day notion of ‘community’ is multi-layered.  We may be members...

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Second Sunday after Pentecost – Sunday, 6th June 2021

One of the concerns of many Christians with regard to the modern-day church is its over reliance on man-made laws.  Many Church leaders point to Paul’s teaching in Romans chapter 13 where he urges believers to “submit to the authorities”.  However, this teaching flies in the face of the, more...

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Trinity Sunday – Sunday, 30th May 2021

In the liturgical year, this week is the first week after Pentecost or Trinity Sunday.  The Trinity is often something of a stumbling block to people – perhaps particularly those outside the church.  For some of these people, Christianity may be seen as some strange religion which worships three...

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Pentecost Sunday – Sunday, 23rd May 2021

How do you communicate to young people the transforming power of the Holy Spirit?  I often used to take a plastic bottle of washing up liquid and a small plastic stick with a circular hole in it (children’s party bubbles).  The young people would dip the stick in the liquid and blow through the...

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