Who is the Holy Spirit?  Many Christians love Jesus (because He died for us), have a deep respect for, and fear of, God (because He is awesome) and a monumental ignorance of the Holy Spirit.  In a famous book, John V Taylor described the Holy Spirit as the ‘Go-between God’.  In the Bible passage assigned to this week, Jesus gives us two clear roles of the Holy Spirit.  Firstly, the Holy Spirit will teach us ALL things.  That is, ALL things.  There is never a time when the Christian can say that he or she knows everything.  We need to keep learning and keep exploring the riches of God.  The Holy Spirit will help us in this task.  This is particularly important for everyone in Christian leadership and discipleship.  How can we lead and disciple others unless we are moving forward ourselves?  Secondly, the Holy Spirit will remind us of everything that Jesus has said.  The Holy Spirit will constantly bring to our minds the teachings of Jesus.  Further, He will enable us to interpret this truth and so apply it to our situation in 2019.  God is on the move and we need to be on the move with Him and the Holy Spirit will help us in this journey.  He is the ‘go-between’ us and God in Christ.  As such, He is a vital and indispensable part of the Godhead, without whom we cannot be effective.  That gives us a glimpse of who the Holy Spirit is.