When we spend a lot of time praying for others, have you ever wondered how other people pray for us?  Have you ever wondered how Jesus prays for us?  Fortunately, the Bible records very clearly one prayer that Jesus prays for all believers.  It is found in this week’s Bible reading from John’s Gospel.  In the space of four verses, Jesus prays five times for the same thing.  He prays that all Christians will be united.  This is his over-riding desire for His church in this passage.  Unity does not mean uniformity.  It does not mean that we must organise worship and church in the same way, so what does it mean?  The clue comes when Jesus likens unity to the Godhead itself.  Just as the Godhead is united in an unbreakable and perfect harmony of love, so should the church be.  There should be no criticism of other sincere and authentic Christians.  Rather, we should love, support and respect them in the name of Jesus Christ.  What is the rationale for this unity?  Again, Jesus addresses this in the passage: “May the church be one so that the world might believe.”  Few things are as much of a turn-off to non-Christians as disunity in the church.  If the church can’t agree on its fundamental message, why should people outside the church take the message seriously?  It is a sobering thought.  Therefore, let us be united in love as we move towards the day of Pentecost next week.