The Bible reading for this week is the account from Mark’s Gospel of Jesus asking his disciples who they thought he was.  I suppose if you asked this question to people in our society, most people would respond that they hadn’t really thought about it.  For the majority of Britain who don’t go to church, they would probably cite, as a reason, some bad religious experience or some belief that science has replaced religion.  But, if you could get through the ‘religious baggage’ and ask people who they thought Jesus was, there might be three ‘modern day’ answers.  Firstly, some would say he never existed; second, others would say that he was a good man / teacher and still others might say that he was some kind of ‘faith healer’.  In a very religious society in the first century, the three choices were very different: John the Baptist, Elijah, or one of the prophets.  Is there any truth in any of this?  Of course, the question remains, and it has divided world opinion for the last two thousand years and may continue to do so for two thousand more.  What about us?  Who do we say that Jesus is?  The message of Mark’s Gospel is unequivocal.  Peter said to Jesus “You are the Messiah” or in some translations, “You are the Christ!”  This is the Christian faith; this is what we believe.  It is amazing, because it is true for all believers who have had an encounter with Jesus.  Our prayer is that the whole world would come to know this reality.