The Bible passage for this week, the week beginning 25th February, is the story of Jesus explaining about his need to suffer and be put to death.  Peter then takes Jesus aside and reprimands him for saying such things.  Peter, Jesus’ great friend, then receives a stinging rebuke from Jesus for wanting to protect Jesus from harm.  Why such harsh words for Peter?  Surely Peter was just showing concern for his Messiah, so why the telling-off?  The answer is that it wasn’t Peter who was speaking these words to Jesus.  Jesus, being fully human, was wrestling with enormous temptation to avoid the path of suffering.  As the Son of God, he could easily avoid any pain at all.  Here, from the mouth of Peter, Satan is replaying the wilderness temptation that Jesus faced about self-glorification.  Satan is skilfully using one of Jesus’ closest friends to dissuade Jesus from the road he must take.  No doubt, Peter’s arguments made absolute sense in human terms.  Why should God’s Messiah have to suffer at the hands of the Gentile oppressors?  The answer to this is that there was no other way to save humanity.  What is the application for us in this, the second week of Lent?  In our lives, we will frequently be presented with very persuasive arguments to turn away from God’s path for us.  Indeed, sometimes those who are nearest and dearest to us, who are completely unaware of Satan’s plans, will make these arguments.  Nonetheless, if we are convinced of our calling by God to do something, then we must be faithful to that calling irrespective of the temptations to do otherwise.  This is a message for us all, not only in this season of Lent, but at all times throughout the year.