The Gospel reading this week is the story of the healing of the demon-possessed man, Legion.  Three things strike me about this story.  Firstly, is the incredible bravery of Jesus.  Here was a man that everyone else was afraid to approach.  Even when shackled with chains he was able to break them and run wild. Yet Jesus doesn’t hesitate in going straight up to him and rebuking the demons in him.  Secondly, the response to the healing was that the whole region was disrupted.  The local pig farming community was distraught and begged Jesus to leave them all alone.  Finally, there is Jesus’ command to the healed man to go back to his family and tell them, and everyone, what God had done for him.  There was no call to be an itinerant evangelist or foreign missionary but simply a witness in his local community.  For all these reasons this story is as much a model for evangelism as it is a healing miracle.  As evangelists and witnesses for Christ we are called to be brave in confronting evil; we are called to acknowledge that there will be disruption with the truth of the Gospel and, finally, we are called to mainly witness, not on the other side of the planet, but rather right where we are.