Quiet Day

Inspiration for intimate time and space with God.

To be launched in the New Year – 2021
Written and read by Aretia Debenham

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DATE: TBA – Early 2021

written and read by Aretia Debenham




Bible verses:  John 14

TEXT:  eg Prayer is….

Prayer is my unashamed walking stick.
The lava that flows relentlessly.
The drop of rain moving slowly down window pane.
The hand firmly grasped by stronger grip.
The mountain, the plain, the valley.
The waiting game that tests me sorely.
The voice, the ear, the eye, the touch.
The relationship from which I cannot hide.
The thing I most forget and remember.
The opportunity to be angry without restraint.
The new born lamb skipping and jumping.
The embrace that needs no words.
The special meal enjoyed with friends.
The course bread bereft of butter.
The beginning, the middle and the end.
My doorway to a three-fold friend.