Poet's Shed: Week 2

Poetry readings to give inspiration and encouragement.
Written and read by Frank Scammell

Nordic Walking, Light in the Darkness, and Stay with Me

Week 2 –  7th April 2020
written and read by Frank Scammell

Nordic Walking

What could the appeal of Nordic walking be?
A firm grip, a steady step, a clear direction
Eyes forward, conversation cut,
A focus that will not be swayed.
What could the appeal of Nordic walking be?
It’s not like life, not mine at least.
For I must stop and question, start again.
My grip is firm, my grip is weak.
Sometimes to left or right my path takes turn
To stop, to gaze, to be, to see.
If life were all a straightened line
Where would all the mystery be?

Light in the darkness

Out in the darkness before the dawn
The trees have shape but no colour.
My dog can see and smell
With sense superior to mine.
Fresh fox scent pulls to left and right.
Deer leap across the path with fear and grace
Then watch with ears alert and still.
It is the hour of prayer this time of darkness
As if light dilutes both faith and trust.
Jacob wrestled God by night at Jabbock river
Defeated conqueror left limping from the fight.
It is up a mountain whilst still dark
We find our Lord in prayer
Strengthened by his Father’s love
Before the light could chase all doubt away.
Teach me not to fear the dark
Where you are present as in light.
For darkness brings a stillness undisturbed.
Grant me the alertness of statued deer
So may I welcome your approach
Open hearted and without all fear.

Stay with me

I am a magnolia tree.
Wait for me
Through the winter.
Be patient
In the storm.
I am tender.
I am vulnerable.
Sometimes the frosts will hurt me rotten,
Hurt me so badly
That I will not flower.
Stay with me
When my leaves
Are blackened.
I have brought you disappointment
I did not mean.
Don’t load your anger
Onto my bedraggled frame.
Imagine my potential still
To be beautiful again.
It has not gone away.
When warmth and seasons
Fall in place
I will explode in flower
All at once
Like an umbrella
Opened up in joy.
Thank you for being there
To see my beauty
Even when so many
Have left and gone away.