Poet's Shed: Week 9

Poetry readings to give inspiration and encouragement.
Written and read by Frank Scammell

Questions, Walking in Mist, and A Thin Cord

Week 9 – 26th May 2020
written and read by Frank Scammell



Who am I , am I, was I, will be ?
Do mirrors tell a fading story?
Where’s my centre, core and passion?
Will my neighbour watch and tell me?
Will my family soon let it slip?
Do degrees and status give me answers?
Must I wait for my tombstone?
Should I trust the lie of feelings?
Do I change from day to day?
Where is one who sees me truly,
Who is honest to the core?
Have I courage now to name him?
Have I sensed his timeless step?
I am, I was, I will be gives me answer,
Knows me , loves me , calls me
Into arms forever open,
Opened wide upon a cross.
Here’s my centre, core and passion.
Here’s my status gifted free.
One who knows me, knows me, knows me
Calls me now his family.

Walking in Mist

The morning’s mist was down today.
Heaven and earth not shy to kiss
With no divide.
The Creator’s palette is put away.
No colour, depth or distance seen.
Walking in mist involves a trust
In memories of journeys taken.

Faith and mist walk hand in hand
With no divide.
Faith holds on to stories told
Of people healed and risen.
When mist is thick and distance near
Increase in me that gift of trust
And teach my heart to lose all fear.

A Thin Cord

There is a strand
Between birth and death
No one knows how long.
Each has an impact
On me and those around,
Natural, human, painful.
Words fail to capture meaning.
To hold a baby is to love.
To hold a body is to honour.
One thing is certain.
I shall die!
So start now to prepare
To end the journey well
In ways that journey on.