Poet's Shed: Week 8

Poetry readings to give inspiration and encouragement.
Written and read by Frank Scammell

Why Throw the Dice, 'A Waste of Time' and A Short Window in Time


Week 8 – 19th May 2020
written and read by Frank Scammell

 Why Throw the Dice

I throw the dice on dusty ground
Outside the city wall.
I’m dicing for the clothes
That are not mine to own.
The tunic is my prize.

The eyes that watch
Are pained with love.
‘My clothes are yours, all yours.
Not bloodstained, sweated cloth
But righteousness and love.
No need to grasp this gift
For it is freely given.‘

‘A Waste of Time’

I must produce, complete, achieve.
But prayer, just such a waste of time.
Draw graphs, grow church, count heads.
But prayer, just such a waste of time.
Find answers and solutions, buck trends.
But prayer, just such a waste of time.
Plan vision, write slogans, modernise.
But prayer, just such a waste of time.
Make worship entertaining, draw in the crowds.
But prayer, just such a waste of time.

But what if prayer that waste of time
Is all there is that’s real?
To stop, to gaze, to feel, to see,
To love, to know, to hold, to care,
To feed, to live, to sing, to be.
For time with God is precious time.
World’s wasted time is rich and full.
For God will not be boxed, packaged and delivered.
He does not run at our command.
He waits and waits for our response.
Only the stopped and stilled can hear his voice.
Waste some time in prayer right now.
It’s life’s most important choice.

A Short Window in Time

The photographer’s time is very short,
After the dawn and before the sun gives way,
A window in which to see with clarity.
The colours contrast, the light gives depth.
These are the hours alive with seeing.
Help me Lord to be so fully awake
That I do not miss your glimpses of glory.
The dipper standing on rock by rippling stream.
The beech wood lime green in spring.
The wave rising, breaking in lava like foam.
The still, small child’s first bonding smile.
Your glory refracts like colours from a rainbow.
‘If you believe you will see God’s glory.’
An amazing promise that explodes my darkness.
These short moments of glory can be missed
By feet that rush and rush with no delay.
‘You have achieved your goal but missed my glory.’
What an awful word to hear God say.