Poet's Shed: Week 7

Poetry readings to give inspiration and encouragement.
Written and read by Frank Scammell

A Week in Time, Why? and Making Space

Week 7 – 12th May 2020
written and read by Frank Scammell

 A Week in Time

God grant me a spacious Monday
That gives me breath for struggling Tuesday
And hope for doubting Wednesday
With life and light for lethargic Thursday
Amid the impassioned pain of lonely Friday
Hold back the laughter and dance of waiting Saturday
That now explode in joy on risen Sunday


 The grandchild’s question why recurring
No answer seems to satisfy
The young one’s quest for learning.
I cannot take his why far back enough
To remove the need to know.
Shall growing knowledge seize upon the treasure,
Like walking through a mansion,
Door just opens onto door,
Each room bigger than the one before.
Can faith now bring the answer?
A Job moment when God begins to speak.
Calm, calm me now to listen
To the voice I must obey.
‘Live and love your questions‘
Is all that he would say.

Making Space

Shut up! Exclamation mark!
The first lesson in prayer.
For words tumble out
Like toys from a children’s box.
Like volcanic lava flowing through cracks.
Just knit, don’t try.  Just knit don’t try.
The Russian mystic tells us.
Just sit, be still and wait and wait
To find silence speaking softly
Words that go beyond your ear.
So body, mind and heart are ready.
It’s God’s turn now to have the floor.
We’ve vacated centre stage at last
To find him in the wings no more.