Poet's Shed: Week 6

Poetry readings to give inspiration and encouragement.
Written and read by Frank Scammell

The Rabbit Run, A Prodigal Story, and Out of the Greyness

Week 6 – 5 May 2020
written and read by Frank Scammell

 The Rabbit Run

The gift of space
To write and think and pray
Has landed on us
Like a cloud.
We’re now fenced in
Like rabbits in a run
Whose minds still stretch
Beyond the universe.

Is God the bringer
Of all this darkness
Or does he meet our eyes
From lonely cross?

We’re frightened, trapped
Like rabbits in a run
Whose minds still stretch
Beyond the universe.

 A Prodigal Story

 I know it all.
I want it all.
No time to wait.

 Desire grips me now
I close my eyes
To those around.

 Away from God!
Away from others!
Away from my true self!

 Suddenly I’m racing on
With speed I cannot stop.
False friends flirt with feelings
I’m too young to hold in check

 I’m at the centre,
Then on the edge,
Now all alone
So quickly.

 Left self abandoned,
Wondering where to turn.
Prevented by a pride
From looking back
To where I first began.

I decide to turn
Now laden with excuses
To face the love that let me go
Not knowing if that love
Has left and gone away.

All the while the one who loves me
Watching waits, teared with compassion,
Eyes fixed on first sight of turning
Of the child he always loves.

 Once seen the Father moves with speed
Hurdling excuses as he runs.
No fist, no scold, but arms wide open
Planning parties as he goes.
He greets. He grabs. He laughs.
He listens to no confession.
The lost have turned!
The lost are found!
Fireworks of joy explode.

But he who watches on
Shouts unfair, unjust!
What kind of love is this
That gives the sordid brother
Another chance to thrive?
He leaves the family found far behind,
No joy, no grace, no love,
Just laden with a heavy heart
Unmelted by compassion.

Out of the Greyness

I have enjoyed the sunshine
For days on end
Causing soft colours
To blaze with life and beauty.
In the warmth I exude,
Look out beyond myself
With hope that light inspires.
Now today through saddened eyes
I see just heavy greyness,
So drab, confining me
Within a narrowed world.
The greyness brings a sameness
Surely not by God inspired.
Yet from this heaviness that hangs
Falls a rain that covers
All that grows and feeds.
When light returns in time
It causes glistening sparkles
On the very drops
That brought my heart so low.
Endure the greyness then my soul.
It is the path to make me whole.

Out of the Greyness