The Bible reading for this week is the account in Mark’s Gospel of the feeding of the five thousand.  This miracle had a profound impact on the disciples as it is the only one in which there is mention in all four Gospels.  The Gospel records that the people sat on the ‘green grass’.  Peter, probably narrating to Mark, no doubt is seeing all the events in his mind’s eye as someone who was there at the time.  Twelve baskets of leftovers were collected at the end.  This may well be due to the fact that each of the disciples, like all good Jews, had their own baskets with them to do this.  However, despite the fascinating authenticity of all these historical accounts, this story also has important spiritual significance.  Fundamentally, Jesus asks his followers to, ‘Bring me what you’ve got – however small you perceive it to be’.  Once we do this, Jesus has the marvellous power to transform our meagre offerings into something special.  God has all the resources of the universe at his disposal.  However, what he asks for is our offering.  If we give all that we have to Him, then something beautiful can happen.