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Bringing you the latest updates at Emmanuel Church

 As the Corona Virus situation continues – the arrangements for church opening will continue to change and update.   Our Church News page provides the latest information on what is available at Emmanuel and how to access the facilities.

If you have any questions or need to contact the church office, please call 01483 561603 or email

Prayer Space Open

Wednesday 17th June 2020

We are pleased to announce that the main church building will be open for prayer on Wednesdays, 9:00-11:00am and Sundays, 3:00-5:00pm.  In line with the latest guidance, the church has been laid out with socially distanced chairs and people will be available to guide you.  Entrance to the church is via the Shepherds Lane entrance only.  

For the time being Church Services will remain online.  You can catch up with the latest service on:

If you would like to contact the church for prayer – please use the contact details provided on this on the following link

Little Stars, FoodWise and Fairtrade

June 2020

From early June, our Pre-School, Little Stars, re-opened with access through the playground so parents and children can drop off and pick up children at a safe distance.  For the latest information and contact details, check on Little Stars Website.

Emmanuel Church is currently partnering with FoodWise, a local charity providing meals for the local community.   FoodWise are making good use of the church kitchens while the coffee shop is closed.  If you are interested in supporting them, you can find out more on their website at:

Whilst the Fairtrade Shop remains shut, our local community can still order Fairtrade goods by using the church contact details above, and picking up goods from the vicarage.  For further details on items available to purchase, please see our Fairtrade Stocklist