What does mission look like?  One clue can be found in the Gospel reading for this week which is the story of Jesus sending out the seventy-two.  Some translations of the Bible have seventy and, in some ways, this is more convenient because there were 70 elders chosen to help Moses, 70 members of the Sanhedrin and believed to be 70 (or 72) countries in the world at the time Luke was writing.  The precise number matters less than the meaning of this passage.  What does mission look like?   At least three things stem from these words of Jesus.  Firstly, travel light: “Don’t take money or a traveller’s bag or even an extra pair of sandals.”  That is, don’t get obsessed with worldly possessions in mission – keep it real, authentic and simple.  Secondly, don’t get distracted: “don’t stop to greet anyone on the road.”  While social pleasantries are important, they are not as important as sharing the Gospel with those who need to hear it at that moment in time.  Thirdly, don’t reject help: “Don’t hesitate to accept hospitality, because those who work deserve their pay.”  It is tempting to think that mission is all about us doing it in our own strength.  God sends people to help us and they feel privileged when we allow them to do that.  Mission is vital and if people can contribute financially and in other ways then themselves are blessed by it too.  Three facets of mission on which to reflect this week.