What is heaven like?  Some Christians are concerned that it might just be one eternal Sunday morning service.  Is this likely?  The Bible says remarkably little about heaven given that it is the ultimate destiny of every believer.  Perhaps the reason is that the reality of heaven is so mind-blowingly wonderful that no words or images can begin to capture it.  One attempt to explain what heaven is like can be found in this week’s New Testament reading from the book of Revelation.  The writer has a vision of God coming down to re-create the earth into a perfect world.  Perhaps like the world that God made for humanity to inhabit before the fall.  In this new world there will be everything that is familiar and beautiful without the tears, pain, toil, sickness and death.   A perfect world where God is in charge and the devil, pride and selfishness are banished for ever.  A world where all creation lives in perfect harmony with each other.  This is consistent with other themes of scripture.  Is this likely?  Ultimately, we don’t know.  Just as the day and hour of Jesus’ return is unknown, so too is how God will engineer the transition of our mortal bodies from death to eternal life.  What we can be sure about is that heaven will not be a never-ending Sunday morning service.