Fairtrade stock available

Whilst the Fairtrade Shop remains shut, our local community can still order Fairtrade goods by using the church contact details and picking up goods from the vicarage. Please find below a list of items available to purchase. Select a category below to refine the list of products available to order.

Coconut Milk

Mixed fruit chutney

Medium curry sauce

Tomato and chilli sauce

Tomato and basil sauce

Zingy lemon and ginger tea

Chamomile tea

Raspberry inferno tea

Sencha green tea

Decaffeinated tea

Earl grey tea

Rooibos tea

Darjeeling tea

Indian chai tea

Peppermint tea

Loose leaf tea

Breakfast blend

Intense strength 5

Tarrazu reserve, strength 4

Machu Picchu Decaf strength 4

Machu Picchu strength 4

Decaf ground strength 3

Organic ground strength 3

Kilimanjaro ground strength 3

Machu Picchu coffee beans strength 4

Espresso blend coffee beans strength 5

Instant decaf

Instant organic


Spiced hot chocolate

San Tome (add water)

San Cristobal. (add milk)



Olive oil

Caramel thins

Mint thins

Different varieties eg, dark with mint, milk with toffee and sea salt etc

Dark Chocolate – 35gm

Dark Chocolate – 90g

Dark Chocolate – 180g

Milk Chocolate – 180g

Milk Chocolate – 90g

Milk Chocolate – 35g

Jelly beans



Fruit and nut muesli

Luxury granola

Hibiscus jam

Mango jam

Peanut butter

Strawberry jam


Runny honey

Set honey

Rich iced fruit cake slab

Apricot and raisin snack bar

Poppy seed and black pepper oats biscuits

Chocolate coated shortbread

Chocolate chip

Stem ginger

Double chocolate cookies

Fruit and oat cookies

Light brown soft

Dark muscovado

White granulated


Sun dried mango

Mixed dried fruit





Dried apricots

Brazil nuts



Cashew nuts

White rice

Brown rice



Sanitising cleaner

Sanitising hand wash

Hand wash with geranium

Fabric conditioner

Laundry liquid

Washing-up liquid

Bars of soap

Toilet rolls

Kitchen rolls