I wonder what we are most passionate about.  Who, or what, is it that fires our desire and devotion?  On the very first Easter morning, there could be no doubt about the answer to this question for Mary when she was at the tomb.  Her obsession that morning was with Jesus’ dead body and that was all that concerned her.  When she discovered his body was missing, she wept so much that it clouded her vision and she could not see around her.  When she spoke to a person she believed to be the gardener, she did not even explain that she was looking for Jesus – she just used the word ‘Him’.  Such was her pre-occupation with Jesus she did not entertain the possibility that the word ‘Him’ could refer to anyone else.  Finally, in John’s Gospel we read that when the ‘gardener’ said, “Mary”, she actually turned to face him.  Why? Because she was probably so engrossed with the empty tomb where Jesus had been, that she could not take her eyes off it.  Then, amidst this deep sorrow and pain, Mary discovers that the gardener is in fact the risen Jesus, and her joy is overwhelming.  Are we, like Mary, totally passionate about Jesus?  If we are, then we too will be overwhelmed with joy this Easter.