Church Members on Mission

Paul & Phil

Based in Wales to train and support missionaries

Paul was brought up at Emmanuel and now is the UK Director for World Horizons, a charity that focuses on areas of the world with very few or no Christians. Phil leads the training team that prepares missionaries in the UK before they leave for the mission field.

Phil & Anna

Living in Skopje, North Macedonia

Philip and Anna both grew up in Guildford and were trained and sent by 24/7 Prayer to Macedonia (recently re-named North Macedonia) in 2009 where they live and work. Philip runs a food-export business with local partners and Anna works at an International school. Both aim to be a blessing in the relationships they build at work as well as supporting the local church, a pre-school for Romani children and work with refugees & asylum seekers from the Middle-East. Their heart is to resource and help local people realise their dreams and God given potential in the Balkans.