Life Events

Has there been a major change in your life which you would like the church to help you with?


  • you’re thinking of getting married?
  • you’d like your baby baptised?
  • you’d like a thanksgiving service for your child
  • you wish to be baptised yourself?
  • you have suffered a bereavement and need help with a funeral?
  • or maybe you just need to chat things through with a minister?

You are welcome to talk to our staff team about these and any other issues.
Frank Scammell is our Vicar, Sophie Chatten and Rupert Masters are Curates, and Aretia Debenham our Administrator.

Frank: 01483 560560
Sophie and Rupert: via the office 01483 561603
Aretia: 01483 561603

Frank, our Vicar, especially welcomes callers about marriage and baptism between 7.00-7.30pm each Monday for Enquiry Time at the Vicarage

It’s next to the church in Shepherd’s Lane so do feel free to drop in.

Here are some links which you may find helpful