What should we do with our money?  Throughout the Gospels, Jesus seems to talk about money more than almost any other single thing.  Why?  The answer perhaps is that money is one of the biggest blockages to a deepening relationship with God.  The temptation is to believe that we have earned it by our own efforts.  We too often forget that all our skills, abilities, character, qualifications and education is a gift from God.  In the Gospel passage for this week, we have the parable of the rich fool.  This is a man who benefits from an abundant harvest and decides to build bigger barns to help him in his retirement.  He plans to wait until then so that he can eat, drink and be merry.  This is very prudent in our modern capitalist world, but is it the way that God wants us to live?  The answer to this question is: no, probably not!  It is no coincidence that, in Luke’s Gospel, apart from Zacchaeus, all the rich people are spiritually poor and the materially poor can be spiritually rich.  However, careful reading of the parable does not suggest that it is wrong to be rich but, rather, that it is wrong to assume that your riches will be with you forever.  It is perfectly fine to be rich as long as we invest that money or give it to good causes.  What should we do with our money?  Perhaps we should leave the answer to that question to one of God’s generals in the 18th century.  John Wesley once commented: “Earn all you can; save all you can and give all you can”