What should we do if someone wrongs us?  For most people, they would say that we should respond by wronging the perpetrator even more.  Firstly, to make them repay for the damage they have done us and then, on top of that to go beyond what they did to us so that they never think of doing it again.  The result would of course be retaliation and escalation until it all gets out of control and ends in a feud.  For this reason, the Old Testament law was that the repayment of any wrong must not go beyond the amount that the person has been wronged.  This was the law of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth but no more!  It was actually to limit revenge and show control and some degree of mercy.  In the Bible reading for this week, Jesus goes one better than the law.  Jesus offers a new sort of justice: a creative, restorative and healing justice.  Jesus says take no revenge at all.  It is only this response that reflects the patient, forgiving and overflowing love of God towards those who hurt us.  It is only this response that can break the cycle of violence.  It can break the cycle of violence between nations, tribes and individuals.  No other god encourages people to behave in this way.  It is truly revolutionary and it actually works.