What is true hospitality?  In the Middle East, good hospitality to guests is vitally important.  The Bible passage this week outlines two types of hospitality at the home of Martha and Mary.  Martha is busy rushing around, probably preparing a meal.  Mary sits at Jesus’ feet listening to him.  Martha gets angry with her sister for not helping and yet Jesus says that Mary is doing the right thing.  Why?  Surely the church needs people who are active.  The problem with Martha was not that she was active but, rather, that she was distracted, overly worried and told off her sister in front of the guests.  In contrast, the hospitality practised by Mary was to show how important the guests were by sitting at their feet and listening to them.  In the final analysis the best type of hospitality makes the guests feel important and welcomed rather than stressed and worried.  That is why Jesus commends Mary for having chosen the best type of hospitality.  Grace is more about receiving from an abundant God than rushing around in our own strength trying to do things for him.  Of course, we need active people in the church, but our activity should not degenerate into a frenzied ‘busyness’ without listening to God.  Also, we must always remember that in Jesus, our guest is also our host.