How is fishing like Christian discipleship?  It is an unusual question perhaps but, in the Bible passage for this week, Jesus tells his followers that he will make them “fishers of men.”  Can I suggest three ways in which a good fisherman would make a good disciple, or good witness.  Firstly, a good fisherman has ‘an eye for the right moment’.  Sometimes it is good to cast and sometimes not.  For the Christian, sometimes it is good to share the truth with others and sometimes people will harden their views against the truth.  Next, the good fisherman will fit the bait to the fish.  For the Christian, it is important to meet people where they are in their unique circumstances.  The Apostle Paul said, “I am all things to all people in order to win a few for Christ.”  Third, and finally, the wise fisherman will keep himself out of sight.  If he obtrudes his own presence or even shadow, the fish will not bite.  The good disciple or witness will keep himself out of sight so that Christ may be seen instead.