What are we looking for?  What is the aim of our lives? For some of us it is security, for others a career for others still it is peace.  But what about us?  What are we looking for?  This was precisely the question Jesus put to the disciples of John the Baptist when two of them (probably Andrew and John) followed Jesus home at about 4pm one spring afternoon in Galilee.  This was Jesus’ first encounter with those who would later become his closest disciples.  Their reply to Jesus’ question was, “where are you staying”.  In other words, we want to come to your home so that we can spend time with you and learn from you.  Jesus’ reply is characteristically welcoming, “come and see”.  To all of us who are genuinely looking for real meaning in our lives, Jesus invites us to ‘come and see.’  Like much of the Gospel story it was (and is) very simple and very profound.  That afternoon, those two disciples went and saw who Jesus really was and their lives were never the same again.