Twenty seventh Sunday after Pentecost (34th in ordinary) 26th Sunday in Trinity

Do we have the courage of our convictions?  Pontius Pilate, the prefect of the Roman province of Judaea from AD25- AD37, had a notorious contempt for Jewish customs and traditions.  This is highlighted in this week’s Gospel reading concerning the trial of Jesus, where he says to Jesus, in effect, don’t ask me to understand your Jewish religion.  Despite this contempt for the Jewish leaders, Pilate has an interest in what Jesus stands for, even a respect.  He is interested in the source of Jesus’ authority as a king – a kingdom not of this world.  He certainly finds no reason to kill Jesus.  However, there is something, sadly, that is even more important to Pilate.  He knows he has not been a particularly good prefect and he knows that he could be summoned back to Rome for judgement before Caesar unless he improves his relationship with the people in Judaea.  So, despite his interest in what Jesus stands for, he takes the easy option and ultimately succumbs to the wishes of the Jewish leaders and the mob by having Jesus crucified.  In the final analysis, he was more concerned about his own job than he was about the truth.  What about us?  Do we take the easy way out or stand up for the truth?  Pilate famously asked, what is truth?  Ironically, he was the one man in history who had the opportunity to accept the truth that was talking to him and exercise the courage of his convictions.  Alas, he didn’t, and history moved on.  Let us not miss our chance.

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