Do we demand too much from God?  Often our attitude to God is one of questioning his actions, or even his existence.  God why is there suffering?  God if you are there, why don’t you do this?  The Gospel passage assigned for this week talks about faith and then the position of a slave working on a farm.  In Jesus’ day, it was common to use the most vivid language.  When Jesus says, if you had enough faith you could uproot a mulberry tree, he was emphasising that faith was the greatest force in the world.  Next, Jesus goes on to say that a slave will not be served at the table by his master.  Rather, the slave serves the master first and then helps himself to food and drink.  Moreover, he is not thanked for simply doing his job.  The juxtaposition of these two passages is significant.  Yes, God can do anything for us and is willing to do so but this is not our right which we can demand.  God is God and we are his beloved creatures who have sinned.  Ask for the biggest things in your life but do not demand because no servant is greater than his master.