Why is humility important?  The Gospel passage this week underlines the importance of humility in the Christian life.  Jesus builds on Jewish thought, expressed for example in Proverbs, that an individual should start at a feast by sitting at the foot of the table.  If you arrive at a feast and start by sitting at the head of the table, you risk being demoted when someone considered more eminent than you arrives later.  Of course, the model for humility was Jesus Himself.  Jesus, who was God, humbled Himself by becoming human and then humbled Himself further by dying a criminal’s death on a cross.  This is matchless humility.  What about us?  We may think that we are knowledgeable when we are young but as we become older, we realise there is so much more that we don’t know.  We may think that we have achieved a lot in our lives until we realise that there is so much to life that we have not achieved.  This is fine.  God loves us as we are, but the key is to remain humble.  Once again by focusing on Jesus.  If we view our lives in comparison with the radiance of his stainless purity, our pride will automatically die, and our self-satisfaction will be shrivelled up. Then we can start to live the Christian life of pure grace.