The Brownies at Butlins

As David was saying at the last Parade Service, some of the older Brownies had the chance to go to Butlins at Bognor for a weekend in January. It is the Centenary of the Guide Movement, and this was one of the ways of having fun.

Can you imagine 4800 Brownies and Leaders from the whole of London and the South East in one place? There was just enough space at Butlins for us all.

There were outdoor activities like a bug hunt, ball games, funfair rides, and a beach visit, which nearly blew us away. It was Saturday, the day it rained-it was high tide, and the waves were enormous. Of course we had to play chase the waves, and of course there were some wet shoes, socks and trousers, but it was such fun.

Indoors, there was all sorts of craft, face painting, bowling, and a big play area. And there was a shop… Butlins people didn’t realise the spending habits of small girls with a few pounds in their pockets and a determination to spend it all. The queues were enormous!!

There were shows; a disco, a Redcoat show and a great Centenary show with flashbacks to the very early days. We didn’t tell the parents what time we got to bed, but it wasn’t very early! We had a great game of bowling and the highlight for lots of the Brownies was our time in Splash World the big leisure pool. There were waves, rapids, flumes and a space bowl, (ask the girls about that one).

We had great food, and Melissa had her birthday celebrated with Cindy Centipede and the whole restaurant singing to her at breakfast.

This was the second Centenary event we took part in, back in September the launch party was called Wet ‘n’ Wacky, it was at Imber Court, Molesey, and was great fun. Next month there is a Voyage Round the World event at Charterhouse, celebrating the Guide movement around the world. It certainly is a great year for Guiding.