Talent for Tanzania

A team of 11 Emmanuel men are off to Tanzania at the beginning of April to spend 2 weeks as bricklayers in the sweltering heat of Africa supporting Emmanuel International’s Water Project and building other community facilities at Ihomas. As part of the build-up to this various fund-raising events have been organised to fund the trip and help with the construction costs.

cast of the Talent evening taking a curtain call

Talent for Tanzania – Saturday 8th February – was an opportunity for the church to get together and put on a show featuring the diverse talents of church members young and old.Team Tanzania 2014

Chilean Miner’s book published

Miracle in the Mine is the testimony of José Henríquez, the ‘pastor’ of the Chilean miners – whose gruelling ordeal and amazing rescue captured the attention of the world in the autumn of 2010

At our morning service on January 30th 2011 we had the great privilege of welcoming Jose Henriquez  – one of the miners trapped in the Chilean mine disaster – to share his story

He was the miner with a very strong Christian faith who held services and kept the miners going, and helped a number of them come to Christian faith during this time of real trial

At the end of Jose’s UK tour he flew to Washington at the invitation of President Obama for the US National Prayer Breakfast, where he was invited to give a brief speech

More about Jose and the miners’ rescue

Hear what Jose said

Jose’s return to Chile – CMS blog

News from Carlos and Ale Allendes

‘Manos de Cristo’ – Hands of Christ – Chile

Our Mission Gift Day in October 2010 raised funds (9,520) to provide a years salary for a Chilean couple, Carlos and Alejandra Allendes (see news item below)

Carlos and Ale are working with ‘Manos de Cristo’, an Anglican ministry helping to rebuild communities devastated by the earthquake that struck central Chile in February 2010.
You may remember meeting Carlos and Ale during one of our morning services when we  Skyped them

Here they tell us a little about how things went …..

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We want to thank you for all the support you have shown us, for your concern and prayers, and for making it possible for us to do this work that God has called us to for his glory.
It has been hard work for the whole family as we have developed ‘Manos de Cristo’ in Chile. As I write these lines my wife, Ale, is driving the car and my son, Juanfra, is in the back seat playing with his toys. At six months he is very vocal and has just discovered his toes!

Since December we have concentrated our efforts on the emergency camps in Antofa de Constitucion and in Putu. We have repaired and painted houses, handed out school books and stationery to school children, run women’s conferences, and organised different activities for mothers and children

After months of our presence in the emergency villages many people are asking us to teach them God’s word. In Santiago we have set up a community centre called ‘Of the Saviour’. This is in a vulnerable area of the city next to the San Joaquin Anglican Church where we minister to children through an after schools club.
We also have plans to develop this as a health centre and a place for weekend sports activities which we hope will strengthen relationships with the community as we live out the gospel there

So we ask for prayer for all these challenges and are so very grateful to our Heavenly Father for making you a part of this work. We send you all a big hug hoping that one day we will be able to meet you and get to know you personally

With much love, Carlos, Ale and Juanfra

If you have a little Spanish, here’s a Powerpoint Carlos has sent us with photos of their work


42 Old Chairs

We needed every chair we could find 30th January 2011, when Jose Henriquez came to our morning service, so we got the ladders out and hauled down 42 scruffy plastic stacking chairs which had been sitting above the Old Church kitchen for many years.

After the 30th we decided that we didn’t want to keep them, so advertised them on ebay.  They sold for six pounds and five pence the lot, and we were delighted that someone would take them away for us.

The guys who bought them are from Cameroon and took them back to their home in Cambridge to put in a shipping container of useful things to send back to friends and family in Cameroon.  As I write – 26th February – they are on their way to help furnish a church in Douala.  So, your brothers and sisters in central Africa will soon be sitting where you once sat.





Manos de Cristo

Mission Gift Day Project October 2010
Hands of Christ

This year there have been a number of earthquakes and floods in various parts of the world all requiring aid to respond to the immediate needs as well as long term support so that communities can be rebuilt.

For our Autumn Mission Gift Day Project we have chosen to respond to the longer term need of just one village devastated by the Chilean earthquake which rocked the country on February 29th – affecting an estimated two million people.

More than a thousand Christians from Chilean Anglican churches have responded to this tragedy by giving their time and energy through programmes set up to help those affected. One of these is ‘Manos de Cristo’ Hands of Christ which is working specifically in Putu, a coastal village 300km south of Santiago and close to the earthquake’s epicentre.

So far Manos de Cristo has distributed 40 tonnes of food, 15 tonnes of clothing and helped to build 160 emergency houses. It has also made pastoral visits to countless people every week and offered activities to brighten people’s days including hairdressing, manicures, film nights and children’s activities.

We are in close contact with Carlos Allendes who is the Manos de Cristo coordinator in Putu. He has shared with us their plan to commit to between 5-8 years to help this community get back on its feet.

The team would like to find a permanent base on site from which to operate full time. They hope to raise £10.300 to fund the salary of a Chilean missionary couple to work full time at the base in Putu. They long to see a church established there as well.

How can we help?
We would specifically like to raise the money needed to support this Chilean missionary couple. Any monies raised over and above their salary would go towards their housing.

UPDATE November 2010

At our  October 10th Mission Gift Day £9527 was given to support Ale and Carlos Allendes for the next year