Tearfund’s ten-year vision is to see 50 million people released from spiritual and material poverty
through a worldwide network of churches

Inspired by the example and teaching of Jesus, Tearfund recognises that people have deeply interconnected material and spiritual needs, and we seek to meet those needs by working through our local church partners. Churches are at the heart of their communities – full of dedicated, resourceful people who want to make a long-term difference.

‘The church can do more for a struggling African village than any other organisation, because it is with the people all of the time. Organisations come and visit, but the church is here not only on Sunday, but every day of the week.’ Pastor Harry, Fombe village church, Malawi

Tearfund works particularly in Africa, Asia and South America. Right now, they’re focussing on some of the biggest challenges facing the world today including:

  • Tackling disaster
  • Restoring the environment, including tackling the devastating effects of climate change on poor communities
  • Defeating diseases like HIV
  • Improving basic services like water and sanitation
  • Resolving economic injustice like unfair trade that locks people into poverty
  • Created – supporting craft workers and artisans from the world’s poorest communities

The support Tearfund receives through giving and prayer is helping to transform many poor people’s lives through the work of church-based partners.

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Geoff Salins is Emmanuel’s local representative replace with Helen Heather is Emmanuel’s local contact for Tearfund.


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