Ronald and Nicky Irene – Asuncion, Paraguay

Ronald and Nicky moved to Paraguay from Bolivia at the beginning of 2010, and work pastoring and teaching in a variety of groups in the Spanish and English speaking congregations in the Anglican Cathedral and in the influential
St Andrew’s School

This brought many challenges – moving to a new country, starting in new areas of ministry, and with little financial support they had to set up home, buy a car and pay for schooling for the children

But as they say “at no time have we doubted God’s call or His care …. when asked ‘how are you all doing’, our honest answer has been ‘we’re joyful and happy!’”

One of Ronald’s roles is to strengthen and support the two cathedral congregations and build up their leadership. And he’s in the important position of chaplain at St Andrew’s – helping parents, students and staff.

It’s at St Andrew’s that Nicky, who was brought up in Asuncion, teaches English International GCSE and English-as-a-Second-Language

 photo: Ronald and Nicky and their children Natasha, Tamara, Daniel and Samuel

Ronald was born in the USA and brought up in Bolivia

He accepted Jesus as Saviour at 13 but experienced many ups and downs before giving himself fully to the Lord and his work

Working as a night-club manager and TV comedian, Ronny got a shock when he discovered that his girlfriend’s father was the Anglican bishop!

From difficult beginnings Ronny has seen his life transformed by God

From 2006 to the end of 2009 he was pastor of Cristo el Salvador church in La Paz, Bolivia – developing new ministries, including a young marrieds’ group and women’s breakfasts.  The church grew significantly under his leadership

The current CMS South America Prayer guide is here

 photo: Asuncion by  Felipe Antonio


In May 2010 The South American Mission Society amalgamated with the Church Mission Society

Wendy Bew is Emmanuel’s local contact for Ronny and Nicky