CMJ (The Church’s Ministry among Jewish People) was founded in 1809 by a Jewish believer in Jesus named Joseph Fry who was supported by William Wilberforce and Charles Simeon.
There is a continuing need to take the good news of Jesus to His own people, and to show our Christian love for Jewish people, whether believers or non-believers.  

CMJ’s mission remains the same today as it was back in 1809 to encourage Jewish people to come to faith in Jesus as their Messiah; to support them in serving Him as Lord in the light of God’s purposes for them; and to equip the Church to be involved in this mission.

CMJ Ministries


CMJ ‘s newly opened HQ building is at Eagle Lodge in Nottinghamshire. They have eleven staff based in the UK led by Robin Aldridge, Chief Executive.


CMJ employs two full time evangelists, one in London and one in Manchester. They are involved in direct witnessing to Jewish people.


Rev Alex Jacob leads and co-ordinates CMJ work with churches and clergy training establishments. He is available to talk, lecture, debate, preach and lead active discussion sessions about Jewish ministry and the Jewish roots of the Christian faith.

Olive Press

CMJ stocks books that help those interested to discover more about the Jewish roots of the faith and the place of Jewish people in God’s purposes.

Shoresh Study Tours

CMJ runs a range of tours to Israel that provides a unique Biblical insight into the land and the people.
CMJ is so grateful for our support of its ministry of taking the gospel of Jesus to the Jewish people, and thanks us for our prayers and generous giving, especially in the current economic climate.   

Les Knight is Emmanuel’s local contact for CMJ

Visit their website: or contact Les Knight for further information