Wine GlassesOn Friday 8th October, Emmanuel are holding a Chilean Wine Encounter evening in the Old Church to help raise funds for Manos de Cristo (see below).

It starts at 8pm, and includes tasting of Chilean wines, food and wine matching, wine tasting and buying guide.

Tickets are £10 in advance from Lisa Lewis.  Tel 07552 352499   Over 18’s only.

Manos de Cristo – Hands of Christ

Mission Gift Day Project 2010

Manos de Cristo are the social outreach arm of the Anglican Church in Chile, responding to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of those most affected by the earthquake on the 29th February this year. They are working in Putu, a coastal town, near to Concepcion, which was very close to the epicentre of the earthquake. Much of the town was destroyed and many people lost loved ones and were left homeless.

So far Manos de Cristo have distributed 40 tonnes of food, 15 tonnes of clothing and helped to build 160 emergency houses. They’ve also made pastoral visits to countless people every week and offered activities to brighten up people’s days including hairdressing. manicures, film and children’s activities.

More than 1000 Christians from the various Anglican churches have given their time and energy during March, April and May. June has been a month for resting and recharging and work began again in July.

Manos de Cristo have been able to access funds to help with the physical building materials, but have struggled, like so many mission organisations to find funding for a full time project worker to live in Putu. Currently the volunteers are making a 10-12 hour round trip every weekend to Putu so the plan is to have a project co-ordinator living in Putu which would provide consistency throughout the week.

Emmanuel Church has chosen to support a year’s salary for a project worker as this years Mission Gift Day recipient, with any extra money being used for project worker housing instead of giving to one building project, this year’s gift day will help to support the rebuilding of an entire community.

If you would like to know more about Manos de Cristo please speak to Rosie Butler