KidsAlive 325  KidsAlive 325  KidsAlive 325  KidsAlive 325   KidsAlive 325  KidsAlive

 for the Summer Term we go

Under the Sea
and Terry the Turtle answers
some difficult questions for us

2nd May onwards

Tuesdays after school at 3.45pm

KidsAlive325  is our children’s after school service – it’s for all young children and parents and carers

Come early for drinks and biscuits

Lots of fun for younger children, and their carers as well!

KidsAlive325 is for 4 to 7 year-olds, but younger and older children are welcome too

Just come along for tea, squash and biscuits and KidsAlive325 straight after school


 photo: some of Kids Alive’s little helpers


A scene from an earlier KIDS ALIVE……


Jesus’ disciple Peter is brought back from the past,
and shows how we need to do kind things – like wash each other’s feet.

The Dalek is thinking about it.

For more info contact the Parish Office or ask John Marrow






There’s more about John’s Church Army work on his page