Have you ever thought about the big questions of life? Do you ever wonder about the purpose and meaning of life? The Alpha course could be the answer.

We are planning to run an Alpha course this autumn at Emmanuel beginning on 26 September 2018. Each session will be on a Wednesday evening starting at 7.15 pm.

What is Alpha?

  • Alpha is an opportunity to think and talk about the big questions of life, about faith and reason and God and meaning.
  • The course consists of about ten interactive sessions, looking at topics such as Who is Jesus? How can we have faith? How does God guide us?
  • Each week we meet for an evening meal and each talk is followed by discussion in small groups. There’s no obligation to say anything and
    there’s nothing you can’t say (seriously). It’s an opportunity to hear from others and contribute your own perspective in an honest, friendly and open environment.
  • It’s an ideal opportunity to invite your friends to hear the Christian message. You can accompany them through the course.
  • The course is free but we ask for a donation towards the meal.
  • Alpha is for everyone – we don’t assume any background knowledge of or belief in Christianity, everyone is welcome

Like to know more?

Please contact:

Rupert Masters rupertmasters1@gmail.com


Dave Cole eagleeyes@onetel.com


For general information about Alpha please visit www.alpha.org/try