Transforming Church, Transforming Lives

Emmanuel is fully behind this mission
initiative of the whole Diocese of Guildford
It is based on 12 Mission Goals –


1          Making Disciples

In our preaching we aim to open up scripture in a way that relates to our everyday lives.

We are committed to offering ways for our church family to grow spiritually through –

Our School of Theology

Home Groups

Men’s and Ladies’ Groups

Youth Communities

Courses such as Alpha, Faith Pictures and Growing Leaders

Church Weekends Away

Regular preaching and teaching

2          Increasing Believers

We want to see the church grow not just in depth but also in numbers. 

If you have no church background at all we hope that on your first visit
you will feel welcomed and accepted but not pounced on!

3          Growing Youth and Children’s Ministries

At Emmanuel many people are involved in this area of church life. 

We run our own Little Stars Preschool, recently rated as Outstanding in every area by Ofsted.

We try to achieve a varied programme for children and young people on Sundays.

We have Parent and Toddler groups:

‘Teddies’ on Monday morning and Thursday afternoon

‘CAMEO’ – overseas Mother and Toddlers on Thursday mornings

‘Toddler Praise’ service on the 2nd Monday morning in the month

 Mid week Youth Communities

‘Open the Book’ and assemblies in Stoughton Infants’ School

Youth Alpha and assemblies in Christ’s College

Open Youth Club on Thursday evenings

We are always looking for more volunteer help.

4          Developing Lay Leaders

Many people use their gifts and talents to serve at Emmanuel. 
We could not run all of our activities without lay leadership. 
People are encouraged to help to lead worship and to preach.

We also recognise the importance of helping church members to be Christian leaders in their work place.

5          Recruiting More Clergy

We are very pleased that we have two ordinands in training with one more to start in September. 
We are developing further links with St Mellitus College in London through our new School of Theology.

6          Cultivating Community Partnerships

In many ways Emmanuel acts as a Community Centre during the week.  We run our own Coffee and Fairtrade Shops.

We have developed a Community Hardship Fund to support local families in need.  We run regular cooking classes.

On Wednesdays we run a Friendship Club for older people as well as a monthly Pensioners’ Lunch (2nd Monday in the month)

7          Reaching beyond borders

Emmanuel has a strong emphasis on Overseas Mission Support.

We support 7 of the major societies, our own overseas Mission Links, as well as examples of local mission,
such as Christians-Against-Poverty, Matrix Trust, Street Angels and Besom.

We are sending a second team on a building project to Tanzania this Easter.

We encourage our young people to gain overseas experience.

8          Nurturing Education

We run our own Little Stars Preschool and have close connections with
Stoughton Infants, Northmead and Christ’s College.

9          Encouraging Generous Giving

We are very grateful that all of our major building projects have been paid for by generous giving. 

We now hold 2 Gift Days –

at Pentecost for Mission

and in the autumn – a building project somewhere else in the world in thanksgiving for our own buildings.

10        Sharing Expertise

We are committed to helping local churches around us when and where we can.

11       Communicating Effectively

We have a weekly Newsletter.

A monthly ‘Outlook’ magazine

A twice yearly ‘Link’ magazine

and a website (as you can see!)

12        Improving Church Buildings

Emmanuel uses its buildings for worship, learning, community and mission. 

We are very grateful for all the help given by members of the congregation
in the maintenance and upkeep or our buildings.