Youth Interns Descend on Emmanuel

Ray, Kath, Josh Sept 2014 3283,965

                                                        Ray Driscoll                                Kath Morris                                    Josh Cook

Youth Worker Ray Driscoll has two recently-graduated people to help with the youth work and to learn the ropes over the next year

Kath writes:
I have just graduated with a degree in English Literature and Drama from Royal Holloway University.
Why am I here at Emmanuel?
I felt called to ministry in my first year of university whilst serving as a young leader with Emmanuel Youth at Spring Harvest, and over the past two and a bit years, I’ve been trying to discern what that means.
Emmanuel has given me an incredible opportunity to explore that calling and whether God is calling me to youth work in particular. This church is a very special place to me as I became a Christian here in my 6th form years. I was supported and encouraged by the youth team as I wrestled with the big questions of faith, and I feel really privileged to have been given the opportunity to come alongside the youth now to journey with them as they do the same.
What am I hoping to get out of this year?
My hope for this year is that I build strong relationships with the youth I’m working with, and that their faith and understanding may be deepened as they explore the life-changing option of following Jesus. As I travel with these guys on their own journeys this year, I hope to have my own faith challenged and deepened so that I may stand stronger and firmer in my faith than ever before. As the year draws to a close next August, I hope to have a sense of the direction God wants me to head in next, and to be equipped to pursue whatever that step may be.
What can you be praying for me about this year?
I’m awful at pacing myself, so I’d really appreciate prayer for a good work/life balance!
Thank you!

Hope to meet you all soon, please do come and say hi!

I graduated from the University of East Anglia in History thissummer after spending my gap year between school and university in Australia working for Scripture Union.
Why am I here?
After my gap year I really felt called to youth ministry after I completed my degree and to return to Guildford in order to serve the Church that had served me while I was a young person.
To be able to come back and serve at Emmanuel is really exciting! It is also my passion to see the whole church come together and for each individual within the church to be a friendly face and role model for the young people of Emmanuel.
What am I hoping to get out of the year?
I really want to be able to engage with the young people of Emmanuel and the local schools to be able to show them what it means to be a follower of Jesus, so that they can share Him with their friends. I am hoping to understand a little bit more of God’s calling on my life. I am hoping also that Ray might be able to teach me something about youth work over the next year!
What can you be praying for me for this year?
Prayer for settling into a new role and for energy over the year would be really helpful.
Prayer also that I would be able to build strong relationships with the young people in order to help them on their journeys of faith would be appreciated.

If you want to know more about me or the youth work please do come and chat to me at some point!