News from Carlos and Ale Allendes

‘Manos de Cristo’ – Hands of Christ – Chile

Our Mission Gift Day in October 2010 raised funds (9,520) to provide a years salary for a Chilean couple, Carlos and Alejandra Allendes (see news item below)

Carlos and Ale are working with ‘Manos de Cristo’, an Anglican ministry helping to rebuild communities devastated by the earthquake that struck central Chile in February 2010.
You may remember meeting Carlos and Ale during one of our morning services when we  Skyped them

Here they tell us a little about how things went …..

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, We want to thank you for all the support you have shown us, for your concern and prayers, and for making it possible for us to do this work that God has called us to for his glory.
It has been hard work for the whole family as we have developed ‘Manos de Cristo’ in Chile. As I write these lines my wife, Ale, is driving the car and my son, Juanfra, is in the back seat playing with his toys. At six months he is very vocal and has just discovered his toes!

Since December we have concentrated our efforts on the emergency camps in Antofa de Constitucion and in Putu. We have repaired and painted houses, handed out school books and stationery to school children, run women’s conferences, and organised different activities for mothers and children

After months of our presence in the emergency villages many people are asking us to teach them God’s word. In Santiago we have set up a community centre called ‘Of the Saviour’. This is in a vulnerable area of the city next to the San Joaquin Anglican Church where we minister to children through an after schools club.
We also have plans to develop this as a health centre and a place for weekend sports activities which we hope will strengthen relationships with the community as we live out the gospel there

So we ask for prayer for all these challenges and are so very grateful to our Heavenly Father for making you a part of this work. We send you all a big hug hoping that one day we will be able to meet you and get to know you personally

With much love, Carlos, Ale and Juanfra

If you have a little Spanish, here’s a Powerpoint Carlos has sent us with photos of their work