42 Old Chairs

We needed every chair we could find 30th January 2011, when Jose Henriquez came to our morning service, so we got the ladders out and hauled down 42 scruffy plastic stacking chairs which had been sitting above the Old Church kitchen for many years.

After the 30th we decided that we didn’t want to keep them, so advertised them on ebay.  They sold for six pounds and five pence the lot, and we were delighted that someone would take them away for us.

The guys who bought them are from Cameroon and took them back to their home in Cambridge to put in a shipping container of useful things to send back to friends and family in Cameroon.  As I write – 26th February – they are on their way to help furnish a church in Douala.  So, your brothers and sisters in central Africa will soon be sitting where you once sat.