Manos de Cristo

Mission Gift Day Project October 2010
Hands of Christ

This year there have been a number of earthquakes and floods in various parts of the world all requiring aid to respond to the immediate needs as well as long term support so that communities can be rebuilt.

For our Autumn Mission Gift Day Project we have chosen to respond to the longer term need of just one village devastated by the Chilean earthquake which rocked the country on February 29th – affecting an estimated two million people.

More than a thousand Christians from Chilean Anglican churches have responded to this tragedy by giving their time and energy through programmes set up to help those affected. One of these is ‘Manos de Cristo’ Hands of Christ which is working specifically in Putu, a coastal village 300km south of Santiago and close to the earthquake’s epicentre.

So far Manos de Cristo has distributed 40 tonnes of food, 15 tonnes of clothing and helped to build 160 emergency houses. It has also made pastoral visits to countless people every week and offered activities to brighten people’s days including hairdressing, manicures, film nights and children’s activities.

We are in close contact with Carlos Allendes who is the Manos de Cristo coordinator in Putu. He has shared with us their plan to commit to between 5-8 years to help this community get back on its feet.

The team would like to find a permanent base on site from which to operate full time. They hope to raise £10.300 to fund the salary of a Chilean missionary couple to work full time at the base in Putu. They long to see a church established there as well.

How can we help?
We would specifically like to raise the money needed to support this Chilean missionary couple. Any monies raised over and above their salary would go towards their housing.

UPDATE November 2010

At our  October 10th Mission Gift Day £9527 was given to support Ale and Carlos Allendes for the next year