Paul and Phil Wisdom

Newsletter 6-Imaginative title!

It has been a while since Newsletter 5 and a lot has happened.  If you can this is worth reading and it won’t be long until the next one comes……

Gappers Return!
This year Phil helped to train and prepare 6 young people, 3 have spent their 6 month placement in Brazil, 1 has been working in the Youth Development Team based in Llanelli and 2 (a married couple went to North Africa for a slightly longer placement of 10 months. In July they returned for a week of relaxing, sharing, and reflecting on their experiences and adventures.  We take seriously the responsibility to support these young people in their transition back into their home culture.

Avoiding the Ash Cloud!
Paul did the second part of his training to be a Global Journeys Leader by taking a trip to Morocco in April.  The purpose of the journey was to develop leadership skills as we travelled by land rover: navigating the route, setting up camp, sleeping under the stars and leading devotional times.   We had with us 3 Koreans, 1 Welsh, 1 Cornish, 5 English, 1 Land rover, 1 Nissan patrol & 2 trailers!  We drove through France and Spain before taking a ferry across into Morocco.  As we waited in the port we met lots of Brits trying to return home without flying due to the Ash Cloud!
In Morocco we visited different places to pray and encourage workers in the country.  The last eight months have been very challenging for expat workers as many have been expelled from the country.

Phil continues to be involved in a weekly Parents Prayer group for the girl’s school, it is so encouraging to be able to pray for the wider community and the local churches as well as the school.  There is a real sense that God is wanting to redeem and restore things from former days . . . we are only a few miles away from the place where the 1904 revival took place and many people in this area were dramatically affected, with whole families turning to Christ. Generations on and we find ourselves praying God would revive and continue what was begun in some of those families.  Phil is also on the Board of Governors at the school – please pray for her role there, to be salt and light.

  • Jessica is reading well and also enjoying learning Welsh at school.  She is full of smiles and loves making up her own “Knock, Knock” jokes!
  • Bethany recently came 2nd reciting welsh poetry in her School Eistoddfod (Welsh festival of literature, music and performance) earlier in the year and continues to enjoy Brownies.
  • Hannah is 2, loves Cinderella and insists on doing everything her big sisters do.  She always makes herself heard and like her father avoids vegetables where possible! Since Easter she has been going to a nursery for 2 hours everyday.  She loves it.

They all seem to love the outdoors and enjoyed our family camping holidays, trips to the local beach and the planting & harvesting in our vegetable patch – you should see the size of our pumpkin!

Bring on the New!
What’s next?  This weekend saw the start of our new training programme here in South Wales.  Please pray for our 20 new arrivals – 10 of whom are part of this year’s Gap Year, which Phil is responsible for!  They come from a variety of different cultures, nations and backgrounds and are aged 17 to 50!  But one thing they all have in common is that they are on an adventure with God – please pray they would be free to embrace all that Jesus wants to reveal to them in these coming days.

Many thanks for your continued support!

We will write again soon with more details on our plans to move to Asia but do email or call if you want to know more in the meantime!
Paul & Phil Wisdom