Welcome to Ray and Nicola and Charlie

The Driscolls are coming…

Hi! We are Ray, Nicky and Charlie Driscoll and we are thrilled to be joining Emmanuel in September 2010

We really enjoyed our day meeting some of you in June and we feel excited to see what God is going to do in the young lives of the church and wider community as Ray serves as your Youth Worker. We’ve been asked to write a little by a way of an introduction, so here we go………

Ray is 32 years old and is a fun-loving, outgoing, enthusiastic person who lives and works at a very fast pace! Ray became a Christian at Spring Harvest when he was 15 years old and immediately got involved in children’s and youth work and has never looked back. Ray has played drums in Christian bands, been on schools work teams, worked for two churches and currently works for a Christian charity called Splash! One of Ray’s biggest achievements was completing his MA in Youth Ministry and Theological Education at Kings College in 2008.

Ray is passionate about helping young people, regardless of their background, to reach their full potential in Christ (John 10:10). Ray loves the company of young people (probably because he secretly never grew up!) and takes great joy from journeying with the young and watching them grow. Ray is also passionate about the church reaching out into the world and is looking forward to exploring what it means to be ‘a church without walls’ to the young people in our schools and on our streets.

Ray loves to spend time with his family playing football, going for walks and going camping in our trailer tent when we can. Ray is sport mad and likes nothing more than watching almost any sport, he is also training for his first half marathon. Other than sport, Ray’s hobbies are reading about World War 2, playing on his IPOD touch and seeing his friends.

Nicky is 31 and loves being a mum and wife. She also likes to make a difference in the places that she lives. Until recently she was a Teaching Assistant in a Horsham secondary school. This was a job she loved and provided a new challenge every day. In the past she has held various church roles, been a childminder, a receptionist, a dot-com shopper, and a supervisor in a financial institution.

Nicky can be very shy and can find social situations difficult but is finding that with age and with each new (and existing) position that she holds she is getting better at coping with her shyness.

The family’s move to Stoughton and to Emmanuel has filled Nicky with nothing but joy. God’s hand has been and still is on this move for the family, something he confirms to her every day and Nicky believes she will see many mighty things happen.

Charlie is 6 and he loves cars. Fast cars, slow cars, funny looking cars, any car, he’s not fussy so long as it is classed as a car. He also loves car shows, Top Gear and Fifth Gear are his two favourite programmes. When he’s not watching programmes about cars, Charlie also loves to read, mostly about cars so his favourite magazines are Top Gear and Autotrader. However, when it comes to books Charlie is a massive fan of Roald Dahl, Mick Inkpen and any story that captures his imagination or makes him laugh.

Charlie is a caring, compassionate child who will always try his best. He can be shy, like his mum, at times but equally when he feels comfortable Charlie can be a showman who loves to sing at the top of his voice, dance and act the fool, just like his dad!

As a family we love to laugh, challenging each other on the Wii and going camping! We are very much looking forward to joining you in September, getting to know you and becoming a part of the family.

Love Ray, Nicky and Charlie Driscoll