A life changing experience

Hello, for those of you who do not know me, my name is Alex and I am 15 years old. During the Easter holidays I went with 6 other lads from a Christian youth group called Urban Saints to Mexico for 11 days to build a house for a family who were not fortunate enough to have a home fit to raise a family in.

We set off to Mexico on Friday 2nd April and after a lot of travel arrived in Mexico at around mid-day on Saturday 3rd April. On the Monday we set off to meet the family that we would be building a house for, none of us knew what to expect but we were greatly blessed with the most humble and loving family you could possibly think of. Every day the Mum and Grandma cooked us a delicious Mexican meal, even though they barely had enough money to eat for themselves, and they would all chip in as best they could in helping us build the house.

One thing I found very moving was seeing how happy the children were and even though they had so little they seemed so content with what they had. It made me look back and realise in England we have so much yet many of us are not happy with what we have and want more when really we are extremely fortunate!

The construction of the house was very tough and at times many of us felt like giving up but thankfully nobody did because we wanted to show the family the love that they showed us in the hope that they would see that the work we did for them was not from us but it was from God.

On Easter Sunday a Mexican man from a local church came to our campsite and spoke, his sermon was amazing and really touched us all. At the end of his talked he asked anyone who wanted to give their life or to re-affirm their faith to go up to the front and I felt God telling me to go up, so I did! I was prayed with for ages and I really felt the holy spirits presence! Overall the trip was a life changing and very moving experience and I would encourage any one interested in doing mission to take up the amazing opportunity to share the word of Jesus!