Christian Aid news…

Christian Aid’s work amongst the world’s poor may have to be curtailed. Daleep Mukarji, Director of Christian Aid writing to supporting churches says “Our income has been seriously affected by the recession and we do not currently have enough funds to support all the people we’d planned to in 2010. I want to reassure you that I have done all I can to avoid the recession impacting on our work with the world’s poorest people…At least 80% of our income, one of the highest percentages of any charity, goes toward our vital work to end poverty. In addition, throughout this year, I have made cutbacks such as limiting all but the most essential travel and, sadly I have also had to make some staff redundancies. All this in a bid to minimise the impact on the world’s poorest people. But, with unfavourable exchange rates and fewer donations, our funds are still falling short.

If things don’t change, we will have to make impossible decisions about who to stop helping. What distresses me most of all is that people are being hit by a recession they didn’t cause and are defenceless to stop. Struggling families that were already living below the poverty line in the world’s poorest communities have been hit by rocketing fuel and food prices, and they have seen the value of their earnings plummet. Though the recession is affecting many individuals and families here and many organisations including Christian Aid, as always the poorest are the hardest hit.”

Christian Aid week relies heavily on funds raised during Christian Aid week which this year is May 9th-15th. During that week all over the country, there is a house-to-house collection. Each year a small number of people from Emmanuel volunteer to collect for Christian Aid. Each year we collect about £2000. If more people could give up just a few hours to collect we could raise more money which is so desperately needed. Please consider helping. Please pray for this year’s collection and for generous giving. Pray for those who work for Christian Aid, for those who have to make difficult decisions about its work and pray especially for those who depend on Christian Aid’s help.

On Saturday 1st May, you are invited to coffee at the Vicarage at 10.30am. This is NOT a fund-raising event, but a chance to be inspired by the work of Christian Aid. Please come if you can. We have raised funds during the year for Christian Aid, more are always welcome! Thank-you to all who came to the Lent lunches. We were able to send £128 to Christian Aid’s workers in Haiti.